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Sunday, July 17, 2011

He make me Surprise at my birthday!


9.JULY.2011 my best friend birthday AHMAD IDRAKI..kite org kawan dari umo 7 tahun hingga la tumbuh bulu satu badan 18 tahun hahahaha..we just celebrated his birthday cs..yang ada time tuh aku,luna,leen,oyin,shafiq,haris,adriana,idraki and his gf la...msing2 kpala gonjol haha slumber badak je kan korg..then after pukol 12 mlm birthday aku pulak 10.7.2011 someone call me hahahah okay!he said he want come to jb..aku pon terkajot aku tnye are u seyez nk dtg jb??die ckp ye lah i da otw ni..happy gler kot mlm tuh aku..heheheh akhirnye ape yg aku ingin kn trcapai jugak..kite org same tinggi la igt die lagi tggi dr aku hehehehe..name die NAEM heheheh muah!!! mlm tuh kite org lepak kt sayam,susur and danga bay..mule2 igt nk lepak desa rahmat tempat nyonya ting tp da lambat la tuh yg x jadi..paling aku happy die pegang tangan aku and letak tgn die atas bahu aku omg cm nk kiss je die kt situ hahaha tp ada kawan die la ..malu >.< hahahha..then die sbenarnye nk kiss aku jgk la tp kwn dok sebok ekot kte org so x jd la nk kiss ..he want kiss me and want said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!but spoil la kawan die nie hahaha...x pe next time >.< hahahhaha..gmbar bawah ni lah yg bg suprise kt aku hahahha i love you b !!