Avoiding the redundancy of this section, I can't really describe myself in a paragraph or two, but I'll try: I am my own person. I'm Chapy, born on 10 July 1993 & was born a Bisexual.Please do not ask for my number if u are not related to me in any way in "Real Life".I am here to have fun & to keep in touch with my "Friends".Please Do Not ask me to comment ur pictures or do anything related to MySpace or Facebook. I will do it if I feel like doing it. U don't have to ask or tell me. If someone asks me to do something I don't want to without a plausible reason I don't do it. I never believe a rumor, until confirmed by the rumoree. I'm often labeled because of my fashion and beliefs.So to set things up straight,I'm None.I don't label myself. I love to wear black and that doesn't mean I 'Worship Satan'. Black is just a colour for God Sake! In a perfect world everyone would be dead. I don't like the country that I'm living in right now, because the humans brain isn't set & ain't functioning very well. Especially the Authorities. I do what ever shits I want & I don't friggin care what u think or say about me. Hate me? Ain't my problem hunny. Funny thou, WTF! are u still looking at my profile then? HA HA! I want you to read my profile, that's why I made it. I am very busy these days, so..u ain't need to get all emotional just because I didn't fucking reply. It's Irritating u dumbass! Yeah,I Sometimes Do Like Cute Stuff.So What? I'd keep writing but, I think that's enough random brain vomit for one section

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


See I don't know why you cryin' like a bitch ,Talkin' shit like a snitch 
Why you write a song 'bout me ,If you really didn't care
You wouldn't wanna share,Tellin' everybody just how you feel
 Fuck what I did was your fault somehow ,Fuck the presents, I threw all that shit out
Fuck all the cryin' it didn't mean jack,Well guess what yo, fuck you right back
You thought you could really make me moan ,I had better sex all alone hahahaha
I had to turn to your friend,Now you want me to come back
You must be smokin' crackIm goin' else where and thats a fact
 Fuck all those nights I moaned real loud,Fuck it, I faked it, aren't you proud
Fuck all those nights you thought you broke my back,Well guess what yo, your sex was wack
You questioned did I care ,Maybe I would have if you woulda gone down there
Now it's over,But I do admit i'm glad I didn't catch your crabs
I can't sweat that cause I got to go