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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Aku,adeq,nani,awie dan yg lain2 thanks for join me that day but at the same time we so boring at cs dont know what to do there.aku and syikin pergi kt FAIR MAC hahaha thanks syikin belanje aku majalah POPTEEN my favourite magazine hahaha tibe2 aku mule sedih sbb ternmpak budak yg bernama capital A ni.Aku rndu sgt kt die but aku just berharap kt die je.aku pon pon x taw ape slh aku smpai die mls nk lyn aku.die tgk aku mcm xde slh je kn aku bertambah xde mood kt cs but hati aku rndu dgn suare die n muke die nk sgt brjln dgn die mcm mse mule2 kite knl grr tp da xdpt da  ni smue sbb pmpuan SIAL nie la kaco relationship aku..But its ok aku just nk die lupekan aku and bile jumpe aku ,aku pesan kt die mcm nie"BUAT LA MCM X PNH KNL YE" but hati aku sedih sgt la.lagi pon aku da balik dgn ex aku oneil my bucux and hari yg sme aku kne marah dgn oneil plak sbb SPM da nk dkt but aku berjln and enjoy hahaha relax la bro hahaha..oneil majuk plak aku pon pujuk2 la die nasib baek die da jln dgn pjuk rayu ku hahahha..END OF THIS STORY


I tak kesah tak dpt you syg,i sanggop sedih jnji you 
happy .so lps ni i x kn cri u lg and gnggu u lg i nk u
happy dgn couple you tu okay.and i nk tgk sejauh
mane you dgn die jgn lepas ni u da break u cri i 
blik mmg i x kn lyn u sbb i da couple dgn ex
i balik and you take care with new couple